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Cleanliness and Safe Practices

All tattoo artists at DORK Tattoo Parlor are required to practice cleanliness, not only of their bodies, but of their tattoo booth as well.  Our shop is the first shop in Louisville to use only disposable tubes, needles and cartridges.  Typically, tattoo shops use stainless steel tubes, that are sterilized and used again.  To further reduce the chances of infection, and possible scarring of the skin, we chose to use all our tattooing materials only once.  Every tube, needle and cartridge is promptly discard of after every tattoo, using safe and clean waste management. 


Some ways we practice cleanliness at DORK Tattoo Parlor:

  • Safely disposed of tubes, needles, and cartridges

  • One-time use gloves, and cover material

  • Labeled rubbing alcohol, and antibacterial soap

  • Clean machines, cords, ink caps, and tattoo surfaces

  • Light colored walls, tattoo surfaces, and clear bottles containing disinfectants

  • Non-toxic inks


Does your tattoo artist practice these things?