Doree and Mark are DORK – we are working artists with degrees in Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art.  We create visual art and occupy two locations: a free space in Memphis, TN for local artists and musicians, and Nelligan Hall in Louisville, KY where we provide studio and event rental to artists and musicians.

With a lot of determination and hard work we created DORK; a collaboration of our two artistic and dorky personalities.  We met in 2011 and from there have continually grown as artists and friends.  We often share the same inspirations:  studying art– and just about everything we find interest in– almost daily.  Our collection of books and used sketchbooks is steadily growing.

After a period of time, we decided to combine our creative energies into one.  Hopefully establishing something more substantial, with the goal of helping others and becoming self sustainable.  With confidence in our intentions in bettering ourselves and participating in the neighborhood around us, we discovered a very sweet spot on Madison Avenue, Memphis Tennessee.  We decided to share the location with our friends (artists and musicians), for free, simply to give those we admire an opportunity to showcase their talents without hassle.  Obtaining this space was not an easy task for us at the time, after going through some financial hardships and eventually allowing others to utilize the space, we became even more determined to keep the location on Madison completely free.

A year later,  during which we had some small success at the Madison DORK space, we decided it was in our best interest to relocate ourselves to a city that would help push us towards our self sustainable goal.  We found a great location on Portland Avenue, in Louisville Kentucky: Nelligan Hall.  The 100 plus year old location is rich with history, and not too long ago was being used for the same purposes we were using our location in Memphis.  We continue to build DORK and are steadily remaining true to what we've been doing for the past two years.  Not long after settling into the location on 2010 Portland Avenue, DORK became an LLC.

As DORK we're currently creating and selling artwork/ handmade goods, fulfilling independent contracts needing educators for the arts, applying for as many arts grants as we can, managing and doing tattoos out of our shop in Louisville KY, and hanging out with our dog.  

Thanks for visiting, stay tuned!


With Love,

Doree and Mark