Handmade Signage...DORK In Portland

Are you enjoying your week?  The month of October?  We hope so.  This post has nothing to do with the strangely warm Fall season; or about the political bobble heads duking it out in the news; or hurricane Patricia thats getting ready to hit hard in Mexico; or the Drake meme thats over populating our Facebook feeds, or even Trump's madness, but it has to do with ART and good Ol' fashion human connection.

We put our hand-painted DORK sign on the front of 2010 Portland Avenue.  Thanks to the help of Aron Conaway for supplying really beautiful enamel paint, and helping us physically put the sign up.

Who doesn't like colors?  All the colors.  This might very well be the comeback of the rainbow (for everyone, all shapes, sizes and colors).

Thanks for the commission job from a local Louisvillian.  She asked for a sign that said something positive, like love, in a graffiti style.  We came up with this:

Thank you!  It was fun to dabble in enamel paint some more, and pick up some spray cans again.  We love your sweater!  Whoop! Sub Pop Records.


We hope you readers are staying busy in ways that benefit you.  Get ready for Halloween!  It's gonna be a good one this year.


With Love,