Teaching the Fall T-Shirt Project


We're nearing the end of the T-shirt Project at the Neighborhood House.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, for almost six weeks now, we've been teaching the teens the process of printing their own t-shirt(s) with a design they've created.


Sketches created by students.

We started at base one: sketching ideas, even writing it if they couldn't draw it, simply putting down on paper what comes to mind.  After doing this repeatedly, we moved on to the next couple of steps, printing a design onto transparency paper and prepping the screens with emulsion.  We took the students through these steps for a few days, explaining equipment and terms such as emulsion and UV exposure unit.

They caught on very quickly, some even correcting us when we called the exposure unit a light box thing.    From there we began the actual printing process, how to carefully load the shirt and screen onto the printing press, reduce mess when using the ink, adding a thin layer of ink to the screen before pressing with full force, drying before applying another layer, and so on.

So far the students have printed demo designs, or what we created to simply teach them the basics first.  The students chose what demo image, their t-shirt size, and printed on their own (with guidance, of course).  Next week, we'll be carefully watching over them as they prep their own designs on the screens and print on the t-shirts of their choice.  

To wrap up the entire project, we're taking a field trip to the DORK studio on 2010 Portland Ave. and maybe eat some pizza.  Whoop!  

Students hold up their demo prints.

This project is awesome so far, not only do we love doing what we do, but we get to share it with young minds!  Who'll hopefully grow up to do creative things in their future and educate others.


With Love,