I Made A Crappy Sketchbook... and You Can Too!


Actually, I'm pretty sure you can make a much better sketchbook than this (I believe in you).

The other day I watched a Youtube video on how to make a "DIY Sketchbook" using a book shelf and some hemp cord to create the spine of the book.  

I've never used a book shelf to make a book, usually I just make a book with a certain stitch, so I thought I'd try it out.  I've made books before, I took a whole semester on it in college.  I know all the lingo and the materials, and what not to do and blah blah.  After spending a couple hours on it, using the most 'extra' method ever, I'm satisfied with the result.  Yes, it's crappy, but it's my crappy book.  I hope you feel just as confident, hopefully more so, about all your not-so-perfect-sketchbooks.

I started with: really thick printer paper (with confetti colors in it) torn and folded into 5 signatures, two leather pieces cut to the size of the signatures, green hemp cord, and orange sewing thread (never again will I use sewing thread to make a book).

I used a heavy duty book awl, a random tiny cardboard box (never again), needle, transparent silicone, and a glue gun to make it all happen.

The purpose of the box, or the book shelf, is to keep your hemp cords, or the future spine of your book, tight as you sew all your signatures to those hemp strips–one hole at a time, one signature at a time.

After all the sewing, you apply silicone or clear adhesive to the spine, which makes it all overly secure.  I personally got a little lazy after spending hours on it and hot glue gunned the clipped hemp cords to the front and back covers.  If you want a nice looking book, you probably want to push those through the holes on the covers and then adhere them somehow on the inside.  Put some weight on the book to make the pages flat and neat, this is optional.

This is how I spent my day off, making a new sketchbook because I lost mine.  What did you do on your day off? (Did you even have a day off?  :( noooo, what is this life we live)

With Love,