ЯΛRΞ ППUƉΞS - Bored Lord

Not too long ago, sometime in the Fall, we opened our arms to any friends who wanted to perform their musical talents at the space on Madison.  Some of the first were the genius' from 



including Bored Lord, Cvlt45, Mtvdvd, Minivan-Markus and a few others (who we love, thank you!).

Inside DORK we danced together in the chilly Fall weather, with a single space heater. Friends swayed and bobbed heads to electro infused, old school and trap-like beats, a single color-changing party bulb morphing to the bass.  Red, green, blue, green, red...it was hazy (thanks to the many feet stomping and jumping).  Ah, good times. 

We just want to take internet space to appreciate Rare Nnudes and Bored Lord, who's performing on May 30th at the DORK space.  

Bored Lord recently released the album Omens and Sigils as a name your price download on Bandcamp (click the image above).

Follow their sounds on Bandcamp


And Soundcloud



Here's to more musical performances from you guys!