Loser Vision and More - Last Friday


Again, a late post, but these things take time.  Last weekend was a pretty cool experience, Friday (June 12th),  we welcomed a few bands as they perform at the space on Madison.  Bands Loser VisionHeadcold from Conway, AR; Melinda, and newly formed Peachkup played an awesome set together.  A good blend of energetic and chill – heavy and upbeat.  Thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves :)


Thanks guys!  And we apologize Peachkup!  We totally accidentally missed your set, our bad.  If you guys want to play again, we promise we'll be there and take photos.


We put out stickers again.  Hope those who got some, before they quickly disappeared, enjoys them!

...By the way, if anyone was told to not park on the lawn, it's not cause we're lames and mean.  We just have plans for using the lawn space, and tire marks kind of suck.  Thanks for understanding.