Crosstown Arts and Glitch - Tomorrow


Things are going on this Friday, especially in the art world of Memphis.  


DORK is participating in a show at Crosstown Arts, along side artists from Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective.

Expect some very interesting works:  some dark, some colorful.  Expect tattoo designs, but don't participate with a closed mind, Ink x Memory is moving away from the typical way to represent tattoo culture.  It's meant to be shown in a respectable way, expressing the symbolism so many love to get permanently put into their skin, in a serious but artistic fashion.  It's showing that tattoo art too can be shown in a fine art environment like any other form of professional creation.  Why do we not see this form in the professional art world as much?

I know SxR and us, DORK, have all been artists for a long time.  We've all chosen art, with all its many forms, as our careers in life.  We can't go back, we just keep moving forward, check out some of our latest works tomorrow starting at 8pm!


Oh snap, well, look at what I found in my Juxtapoz magazine...GLITCH!  It's also this Friday (tomorrow), there's a show with Lance Turner, performances by Nots and The Warble?? Awesome.  I know DORK will be stopping by, you guys should too! (You know, after you check out Crosstown, haha)

If you need a tattoo,  go to Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective downtown.

There seems to be some other art stuff happening too, we've heard some rumors, but we shall see.  If you guys have other plans, share!  We'd love to stop by, I'm sure others would too.

With Love,