Ink x Memory Memories


The show at Crosstown Arts was pretty hushed, but a successful and professional show.  After quickly setting it up within a short amount of time, it down poured rain right at the opening at around 8pm.  The people slowly showed in scattered intervals.  Ink x Memory displayed work from artists of Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective: Daniel Brown (Knucklehead), Cookie, Saint Ian Christopher, and DORK:  Doree Woods and Mark Castle (also an artist at SxR).  Wine was shared and snacks were served.  We shared a good time, discussing the pieces and laughing without care from the wine.

There'll be another show sometime in the future, maybe or maybe not, at Crosstown Arts.  Hopefully this time with less competition from other art and music events, and not as much rain.  I learned something though that night...the security man working had just remodeled his swimming pool and bought a new jacuzzi...congrats to that guy, way to level up in life!

Shout out to Juxchemist for hanging out with us!

With Love,