Last Weekend...ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS


We want to thank all that came out to the space on Madison last weekend for the Omens and Sigils debut!  This post is a little late, but well deserved.

The show was amazing thanks to musicians from ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS:   A55 ConductaMinivan_markus, Bored Lord and DJ set by Strooly from Future-Everything.  They came well prepared, the crowd poured in at around 11pm to see Bored Lord perform new songs from his album debut, live with fellow friends and musicians from ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS.  In short, it was an amazing night for music.

When these guys perform again, I strongly suggest you go to see it!

Some photos from the night...sorry there's not more photos! :(

We put out free DORK stickers to take at the donation box, we hope you liked them.  Donations towards DORK go to the Madison space to help with renovations.  Of course we love how the shack is now, but we'd love for it to be even better (and still remaining free).  Your donations go towards:

  • a simple, but nice restroom,
  • comfortable outdoor space with lighting,
  • sound proof fencing (so we don't disturb our kind neighbors),
  • and a solid floor, that can handle all the jumping and dancing

Thanks guys.  We have upcoming shows at Madison for June, check out the 901DORK page for listings.  And we'll try our best to keep it updated.

With Love,