Mondays are slowly-but-still-working days.  

DORK's Monday work: Research, tea, continuing projects, preparing for future events, tea...


Researching and trying to better your quality of life is invaluable, right?  That way you can keep working on stuff you love to do.  So we're reading: Eating on The Wild Side by Jo Robinson and The Handmade Marketplace (second Edition) by Kari Chapin.  They're two different topics, but they fall right in line together.  If you're healthy, you can focus on your work– your energized and your brain is clear to be inspired.

We care about what we eat a lot (vegetarians), reading Eating on The Wild Side reminds us that vegetables and fruits have tons of good properties and some don't (eating some sweet corn is the equivalent to eating a Snickers.....sugar.     ಥ_ಥ )

The Handmade Marketplace gives good tips on how to manage your crafty, artistic business on your own.  Managing accounting / bookkeeping, your internet presence, branding, etc.  If your trying to do this sort of thing too, we recommend this book.  If you're already reading it, lets talk about it!  You like tea?

Apart from watching music videos and reading, we're working on art.  DORK is participating in an art show this month– June 19th at Crosstown Arts (Ink x Memory, listed in 901DORK page).  Paintings are in the making, inspired by tattoo designs and our experience with tattoo culture.  Also in the show are artists from Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective.


Enjoy your Monday!


With Love,

Doree / DORK