DORK Education!


No, you don't have to get educated on how to be a dork, it happens naturally.  But... DORK is providing education to young adults this summer!


DORK is helping children and teens at the Neighborhood House learn about screen-printing and bookmaking.  Invaluable skills to know in our ever increasing DIY world.  We hope it's letting children learn that there's many ways to making your own opportunities, and art can play a big role.



To be honest, this is our first time teaching.  It's been a learning experience we hope keeps growing.  This might sound corny, but it's been a really rewarding opportunity.  Especially when young children tell you they're having fun, and watching teens eyes light up when you say they can make money from screen-printing and bookmaking.

We had some rough patches getting adjusted to the summer schedule there, but it all worked out well.  Surprisingly most of the students cranked out a book within one day.  I think we learned a lot while working with young minds, full of energy; you can't expect them to do process based work without getting (or acting) restless.  Whatever you have them create, it's definitely got to be hands on.


Thank you Neighborhood House for working with us, and of course helping the community!  We can't wait to work with you all again.


With Love,