Didn't expect u 2 / ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS, The Sidewayz, and Friends - 7/18


If you've read the previous post, you know last weekend was packed for the DORK space on Madison.  We had local artists perform on both Friday and Saturday night, making it feel like one large concert, or a mini festival.  But since the mini festival was actually two separate occasions, we decided to make two different blog posts and publish them at the same time.

Saturday ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS visited again for the debut of didn't expect u 2, by minivan_markus, and they brought friends.  Musicians, minivan_markus joined by dinoDNA; P l a i n t e x t; Bored Lord; MTvDvD on drums, also The Sidewayz and DJ set by Strooly.  Hip-hop; melody driven songs with break beats and bumpin' electronic rhythms, filled the block with a wide variety tunes.


Congrats minvan_markus, for your album debut!  We're glad you, ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS, and friends, chose to celebrate on Madison with DORK.


Again, it was a night to remember.  A lot of familiar faces showed up, some turned down the heat inside, others came and danced along.  Either way, thanks everyone for coming through and getting sweaty with us.

We hope you enjoy snippets of the night clustered into one video, and ignore the fluctuating sound quality.  As one half of DORK journeyed to the scene through downtown Memphis, the other half took lots of video, some of which couldn't handle all the bass (。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡

Some audibly complained about the heat, and some decided to express themselves on our donation box with a bunch of arrows pointing to the open slot: "Please!" and "It's HOT" scrawled in chalk.  Yeah, we know, that's exactly what the donations are for!

Visit the musicians Bandcamps and Soundclouds for more sounds:






Lets do more in the future!

With Love,