Loser Vision, Ugly Girls and More - 7/17


The space on Madison was packed this weekend.  Though it was extremely hot and kind of sticky, we still had fun and enjoyed some great music from local artists.  Friday and Saturday were two different occasions so we've separated the events into two blog posts.  This one is focused on the bands Ugly Girls, Rickie and Aimee, Loser Vision and Grotto Girl, who performed last Friday.

We didn't get to catch the first band, Rickie and Aimee, so we failed to get photos and video, our bad! :(  But they did perform, and you can check out their Bandcamp with the link below.

Thankfully the bands came prepared with an ice cooler and bottles of water to battle the heat.  Melodic and catchy rhythms didn't stop people from jamming out, their shirts sticking to skin and hair wet from sweat.  That sounds...not attractive, but it was a unified feeling. 

"Metal!  Let's get metal!"  was repeated from someone in the crowd, followed by the opposite in tunes, catchy melodic-head-bobbing.  The heat didn't bother some who danced, but a few chose to stand outside in the still-hot-but-not-as-much, 80+ degrees temperature.  Thanks for not parking on the grass; people could mingle and still hear the music on the lawn, which was understandable considering the heat inside. 

Thanks for the show guys!  It was an awesome night with great music.  


Visit the band's Bandcamps for more sounds:

Loser Vision ( https://loservision.bandcamp.com/ )

Ricky and Aimee ( https://rickieandaimee.bandcamp.com )

Ugly Girls ( https://ugly-girls.bandcamp.com )

Grotto Girl ( https://grottogirl.bandcamp.com )


With Love,