DORK Studio / Shop?


Hey yawl

It's been a while since we've made a blog post.


If you don't know already, we recently relocated our physical selves to Kentucky, but don't worry, our spiritual selves are in both Memphis, TN and KY.  While figuring all this mystical stuff out, and planting our feet on the ground, we've also been working towards some major steps in evolving DORK and embracing both locations.

DORK is looking for a studio / storefront space~   We've peeped out a few–some small, some big, some beautiful with plenty of light, like this one:

A few snapshots of the front and back.  Ignore the purply-red color.  Photos taken by Doree.

We're picturing DORK logo vinyl on the front.  Ahh, yeah.

We love this space.  It's capable of doing everything we want to do:  art, music, products, plenty of office space for DORK, whatever!  We're considering making DORK grow in this space, funneling opportunity to Memphis and the DORK house on Madison.  With both locations, sky's the limit for DORK and of course those affiliated.  We can really get some work done.  

This space isn't cheap, no space we're looking at is.  Yet it's not impossibly expensive, we're grinding to make this space work, we have confidence we can DORKify this space.  How do think the space on Madison became DORK?  Grind, grind, grind.  The space on Madison still has a ways to go, and we're striving to make everything come to life in a whole new way.

This may sound like hopeless dreaming to some, but they should get to know us better.  If you feel like giving to the cause, contact, or donate on the home page towards Madison.  Helping Madison helps the space in KY and vice versa

 If you don't feel like helping-or can't, that's cool, we're just updating readers on our progress!  

Don't try calling when your choking on our dust though...just saying.


If you're really reading this post, you should also be scheduling in your phone to attend RARENNUDES artist, dinoDNA's album release party.  Tomorrow at the DORK space on 1465 Madison, Memphis.  Look at our calendar 901DORK for more info.  


With Love!