#TBT - Art Riots


DORK owners have recently relocated to Kentucky and for the past few days we've been unloading and storing old boxes.  Suurprise!  We found this precious photo from 2011, or 2012, for our #tbt contribution.

Back then DORK hadn't been created yet, TheDorMark either, and Rarennudes was mostly known as Spoiler Alert (correct us if we're wrong).  They threw music shows and parties with tracks from the musicians who make up Rarennudes now.  Anyway, this photo takes place at Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective, downtown Memphis.  Once upon a time, Skull x Rose used to throw art and music shows called Art Riots.  The shows were created by the shop owner, Saint Ian Christopher, and Mark Castle (DORK).  The choice of music and art were curated by the both of them and Mark also managed the scene.

It was a fun time: fine art on the walls, music in the basement, all the while tattoos were being done in the studios.  It was an awesome collection of creativity.  People came just to be apart of it, like a movement you could feel was going to be something really inspiring for Memphis.  But, sadly, this fun didn't last forever, soon shows were prohibited from happening, perhaps because they had gotten so big, maybe other businesses felt threatened?  Who knows.  While art still hung on the walls for a long period of time, the live music had stopped and so had the Art Riots.  Luckily, Doree had caught this snapshot in history.  DORK was created a few years afterwards and Rarennudes manifested.  Now a space on Madison creates that familiar live basement music vibe for local acts, and some touring ones.

The other reason for posting this photo is for those interested in having shows at the space on Madison.  We want to introduce you to our friend, and the one helping us manage the DORK space in Memphis, Clifton a.k.a Bored Lord (the turquoise circle).  You may know of him already, if so, awesome.  And in the rest of the photo: Orange - Rarennude artists - MTvDvD, GRNDRER, and P l a i n t e x t  and Mark, co-owner of DORK.

So here we are, in Kentucky, doing paper work and working on the future of DORK, reminiscing about Memphis, our history with art and music, and of course our relationships with people we're still friends with today.  It's interesting how things change and grow.  As we all grow just a little bit older we're still making moves in art and music, it's awesome.  Lets keep it up, y'all.

(Added Chase a.k.a GRNDRER to the orange circle.  Thanks for correcting us!)


With Love,