DORK @ Nelligan Hall


The world works in mysterious ways.  We were fortunate enough to meet the cool people who own Nelligan Hall ( in Louisville, KY over the past couple of weeks.  

From what we've gathered, Nelligan Hall is a very important location for the community of Portland (Louisville).  The Portland community is the oldest neighborhood in the city.  While currently, and for a long time has been, struggling, there's lots of hope and great locations for people who want to make a difference in the neighborhood to do so.  Somehow we lucked up, and came across this amazing and historic place that also has a rich background in being a club/ event space.  Check out their website.  We'll be helping to maintain and continue renting out to artists, and having shows.  This areas art plans are steadily growing and it's amazing to be a part of it.


As you may know, we love dipping our feet in all sorts of creative ventures.  We're going to do the same things we did in Memphis, in Louisville, and still march on with our Memphis space.  

  • We're renting the entire building out and subleasing areas to those interested.
  • We have access to the entire building, and we intend to use it for working on art, personal work and commissions, as well as having shows (possibly events) from touring and local acts, in all genres.  We can charge for shows at this location, yay!  Everyone wins.
  • We'll be managing spaces for other artists that want to rent within the space.  You can do this!  Going to, or traveling through Louisville?  Need a space to do some work?  Contact us, we'd be happy to discuss the possibilities.

It's difficult to even sum up all the ideas we have about this location.  We're very excited and the owners of the location seem to be as well.  


The previous location we were looking at was great, but it didn't have that charm that we've grown attached to in Memphis.  This place feels like home, much older than the shack in Memphis, but still tough as nails with a self commanding worn look.  That being said, the space does need a little work (as do most spaces we fall in love with), but we definitely plan to put some hands-on work in wherever its needed.


We hope you guys will join us on this on-going adventure.  We'll be posting as much information on the site as possible.  Like we've said in a previous blog post, anything positive that happens in Louisville positively affects Memphis and vice versa.

For any inquiries or questions, contact us on Facebook, or email:


With Love,