Kids Painting - The UNITY Project


Apart from looking at spaces in louisville to move DORK into, we've also been working with the youth in the Portland community.  We received a grant to teach and create canvas' that the children paint, in unison between different age groups, at the Neighborhood House.  Hence the name, Unity Project.  Very young children to teenagers have been working with us to create a unified body of work that shows they can create together, working as a team.

So far, the kids have been wanting to paint sunsets, volcanoes, and cartoon characters, which is awesome, but how can we get them to think outside the box and create something (with a group) that is a representation of something, more so than a literal image?  We're coming up with techniques, almost as we go, because everyday kids have something new in mind and like to surprise you.  We also want a good product that everyone can be proud of; something they've gained experience from and can happily show all their friends.  



It's a work in progress...and a very interesting experiment.  Some groups like to slap all kinds of colors on the canvas, others like to carefully plan and get upset when another goes over their work (which is fair, who wouldn't get upset at that).  So they're learning that this project is a "unity" project, and their work is going to enhance or supply creative inspiration for another person, coming together as a solid, finished canvas...eventually.  We have one more week!


Anyway, that's what we've been up to, what about you?  

Have a great week ✌(-‿-)✌


With Love,