NuLu Fest 2015


We'll be at the NuLu Fest this Year! 

Sat. Sept. 26  10AM-11PM

We'll be at our booth from 10AM - 11PM at the St. John UCC (the really big, beautiful old church on East Market).

Check out our names in the arts and crafts section.  Aww, thanks guys :) that's awesome.  We're looking forward to getting to know our fellow booth mates at our first NuLu Fest and spreading DORK to all those that visit!  

We're planning on having t-shirts, handmade stickers, flyers/brochures about what we're doing, and of course some of our Etsy products.

We'll also be participating in the Portland Heritage Fest!

Which is also taking place this Saturday (Sept. 26th).  If your in Louisville, stop by 2010 Portland Avenue, we'll have some artwork up and music playing.  The festival route goes right through Portland Avenue!

Join uusssss..!


With Love,