September has come and gone very quickly, and wow, its been a busy month.  

We like staying occupied.  We started the month off with a 3 week long project, collaborating with teens and children on 4 canvas'; got the space on 2010 Portland Avenue at Nelligan Hall; participated in the NuLu Fest last weekend (passing out DORK flyers and selling some of our goods) and Portland Heritage Fest (representing DORK and the Neighborhood House at their booth in Portland); a show took place at our space on Madison Avenue on the 22nd.  The list goes on, but these were some important points for the month of September.

Kids are fun to hang out with, they keep you on your toes.  It's refreshing to look at art, and the world in general, from their perspective.

NuLu Fest was a great opportunity to get DORK out there to the public and introduce what we're trying to do in a new city.  We fully recommend going to festivals if your trying to get yourself out there.  People love free stuff, and at festivals they don't mind stopping to hear your speech, they'll even say thank you sometimes.

Here's a couple of videos from two of the acts we got to see:

We met the band Beacons, they seem like cool guys.  Hope to work with you guys in the near future!

Oh, and enjoy this video by Rarennudes from the dinoDNA "songs from my mattress" release show on 1465 Madison.  Whoop, thanks guys for giving the link, it's an awesome video.

Whats in store for October??  More stuff.  ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Hope you're having a great week!  


With Love,


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