The Luke Taylor Show - 12/2015


On December 29th, the show for Luke Taylor happened and was an awesome success.  The building was packed with 100+ people rocking out to locally popular bands in Louisville: Vaderbomb, White Reaper, Xerxes, Damaged Goods, The New Mexico, Street Rat and more.

The proceeds from the door went towards the Taylor family.  There were also baked goods and band merch being sold.  Donations were accepted.  We believe the total raised by the end of the night was around $4,000, but that could have rose considerably before the last person left the building.  We were super happy to hear this!  These guys put in alot of work to make this happen as successfully as it did.  It feels good to help a show happen, but it feels even better when it goes towards others.

We caught some footage and compiled it into a video, along with some clips from a recent tattoo Mark Castle put on a client/friend.

This was a great way to end 2015 at 2010 Portland Avenue.  Lets hope we make it bigger and better in 2016.

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With Love,