DORK Is Working On A Tiny Structure - The Future

We’re always doing art, we’re always trying to participate in positive ventures in the community and now we’re working on a very personal project that could potentially change how we do business.  


The tiny home obsession is real.  It started with lots of library books and documentaries in 2013 (maybe 2012).  The Madison space in Memphis was to be our tiny home.  That bubble was burst though when we realized it was going to cost a small fortune to remodel that location, which at the time had absolutely no utilities (it still doesn’t really, but at least it now can have electricity and water).  It was an off grid location in the middle of the city–an awesome location for what we were trying to do.

We struggled.  With finances and with the whole process of making it livable.  No more camping out in the shack, we packed our stuff.  It soon became a simple hollowed out structure for all genres of musicians to cozily perform in, for free.  Wow, what a great idea!  Musical performances in intimate spaces, an energy efficient space–a space for just the love of music, so close to the outdoors it almost feels like you’re outside.  These two ideas didn’t really click until late 2015.  

Fast forward, the tiny home obsession is still real, and always running in the back of our minds.  Why?  This small structure building takes you back to childhood, when making a place of your own–a little hideout–was so cool and fun.  Life was simplier.  Then it brings you to the present where making a place of your own, a hideout, but from society now, is still just as exciting and a great alternative to paying rent.  It’s something to feel accomplished about in a world where everything is fed to us.  Pre-made, pre-designed, pre-packaged, just buy it.  Which isn’t necessarily bad, but is it truly rewarding?  Nope, at least not to us.

After moving to Louisville KY, we’ve experienced many opportunities, we’re also surrounded by consumerism, beautiful natural land, and the News.  My god, the world is very depressing looking through the dull filter of mass media.  We decided that we need a ‘hideout’ of our own.  Not to run away from problems, but to just chill and recharge, then get to work again when we wanted to.  We’re not rich, we’re in our twenties with student loans clouding our blue skies, but we do have energy and good intentions.  We also love our friends and family.  Why not make our families proud and our friends motivated.  Maybe you’ll even join us.  Maybe you can see  how you’ll benefit in all of this.

We started actually building in the Winter of 2015.  Keep in mind, we have little to no experience building a structure this size (but we're learning)!  From gathering salvaged materials (pallets, old 2x4s, buying reused windows), we’ve come pretty far.  The weather has slowed us down considerably with days of heavy snow and some fierce cold.  Some days our hands just refused to function in the cold.  Lately, though, we’ve been working in between the hours of day job work and when it's too dark to see.  Of course, we’ll keep on until it’s finished.  

Looking back, we realized we’ve gotten experience in this discipline when we occupied  the space in Memphis.  Seeing how well people respond to it, just a simple shack pretty much, we started thinking about how we could turn what we have in Louisville, to that similar rewarding feeling we experienced in Memphis.  This new small structure is our test, our demo and the plan for the future.  When this is accomplished, we’ll have confidence in knowing that constructing a compact building from pallets and salvaged materials is completely doable and isn’t really that crazy of an idea.  It’s feeling more that way every day.  

It’s effective energy wise, money wise, and just about every way we can think of.  It’s immensely more personal, we’ll be able to work with friends and customers more directly.  Because our space(s) will be rent free, and potentially ‘off the grid’, we can put all our time and energy into them.  You can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting a truly unique experience, and causing less damage to the environment we all share.


DORK’s plans and ideas seem to be flooding in like landslides.  Somehow they end up making sense.  As they puddle in together, they have purpose–they don’t leech or cause destruction, they build new landscapes.  Soon, people will sprout strong like saplings and we’ll all reap the rewards from this new environment.  

As always, stay tuned with us on this journey.

With Love,