Staying Strong, Surrounded By Masks...

Human-beings you care about, and have put positive energy towards; the ones you watch shift into different directions because they’re following their own paths.  You can’t get mad at that, and although it’s inevitable, it never gets easier.


To be honest, this is going to be a very honest blog post.  I mean, every blog post is, but this one in particular has stemmed from my own recent confusions, frustrations, and realizations.  It was originally going to be a how-to, but I realized everyone's situation varies, and my specific ‘how-to’ wouldn’t really be accurate for anyone other than myself. So now I’m sharing this blog post as honest opinions based on my own experiences.

Staying strong, managing a business of your own, while surrounded by people you don’t really know is an uphill battle.  It’s like walking up a mountain with all your life possessions balancing on the top of your head.  You have to keep level, and maintain not only what you worked hard for, but what you believe in.  

Then come the strangers that join you on your journey uphill.  Whether for mutual benefit, or maybe because they genuinely feel like they can help with the mission, they lend their hand.  You teach them how to speed their battle uphill, how to stretch so they don’t get worn out, you teach them almost all that you know, then they throw the deuces up and choose another path.  

Working alongside surrounding strangers and expecting a mutual respect for what you’ve established, is very difficult.  I’ve come to the conclusion, that I can’t truly expect people, which I know little about, to care as much as I do—they’re never ever going to be as invested in the creation as I am.  And that’s okay!

Unfamiliar people can be friends, business associates, the anonymous, the potentials, and the haters.  They’re real people with their own life goals, aspirations, and varying levels of ego.  Everyone in life serves a purpose towards growth.  I’m always learning from the people around me, even when their life goals may be completely different than mine.  What I’ve learned from them is that I should choose wisely how much energy and expectation I put into an unfamiliar.

Overtime my confusions will become wisdom, and my frustrations will be non-existent...eventually.  

I hope this brings some sort of light to people in similar situations, and provides guidance to those who are stepping into new chapters with strangers.  Don’t be stingy, or greedy, but it might be wise to consider being conservative in your knowledge and energy.  And give to only those who have truly earned it.


With Love,

Doree x DORK