Shop Small - Local is your city

The holidays are upon us, and like usual, we're shopping till our wallets and purses drop.  Dollars are flying from pockets all over the country, while we decorate our homes, offices and cars.  We buy loved ones, and strangers alike, gifts ranging from very expensive electronics to very small trinkets.  We eat out and have parties at associates houses with their store bought pies.  It's a special time for our country, yet we're forgetting where the dollars are going.  I'll give you a hint: big corporations.

You're probably thinking, 'duh, the Holidays are commercial af', but have you ever thought about shopping locally *only*, or at the very least, the majority of it?  You ever really consider where your money is going?  Be honest.  I like buying things too; I like shopping at Target and Best Buy, maybe even the mall if I'm feeling fancy—I can't rule out Walmart, sometimes they have things I need for the low.  And I'm not going to lie, I'm super happy and appreciative of the gifts I get during December, but I can't say I haven't grown more conscious about where I spend my dollars now.  I understand, more than ever, the need for people to support LOCAL.

Receive goodies with your tattoo at DORK Tattoo Parlour

Receive goodies with your tattoo at DORK Tattoo Parlour

We have friends, family, and neighbors who are self employed and support themselves off the currency spent by the people in their city.  And now we can add ourselves to that list of small business owners.  December is super daunting for local businesses that provide services, not products (maybe them as well), but actual labor intensive techniques.  People are *shopping*; they're spending money on traveling, and the purchasing of *stuff*.  All this being known, there are ways to support your self, your family and your business, but it ain't easy.  And I cringe at the fact that corporations are making billions, while the small struggle, because our communities don't support local as much as they should during these times.

I shouldn't complain, I chose this life.  But it has very little to do with just *me*.  It's our local economy, the creation of new and inspiring things that pertain to the people of the area; Target is always going to sell that same type of laundry detergent, or the same video game that you can also get at Best Buy; and the mall will forever be...the mall.  There's no diversity!  And that's where local shops, with the room to be creative, come in.  Don't you want cool handmade knick-knacks to gift your best friends; or to be able give a gift card from a tattoo shop to your homie? (Yes, yes you do).

For the New Year, I'm making a vow: to shop locally more frequently.  Our economies need it; and our fellow creatives/self employ-eds need the support and motivation.  Locals know what the city needs best, not big brands and big names.  

Remember to Shop Small, Shop Local!  Happy Holidays!

With Love,

Doree x DORK