It’s been a long time guys– don’t you hate it when blogs say that?  Maybe it’s just me.  Anywho, I want to share what DORK’s been up to over the past couple of weeks.  It’s been a long time (three weeks isn’t really that long, but the internet moves fast), since we made a blog post.

Life is hard; no, life running your own business is hard; life as an artist is hard.  If I had to define hard,  I would describe it as constant hurdles and life changes.  But it’s a good thing, it builds character and motivation.  Nothing about this post will be hard, I just had to get that off my chest.

We’ve been expressing ourselves creatively, as usual, working on pieces independently.  We also got a cool idea for a collaboration after watching Interstellar, but that’ll be on another post.  Here're some "sketches" of things we've been making:

Speaking of art projects, I’ve been proceeding through my proposal for the Kentucky Foundation for Women grant.  We’re in the beginning stages, it took awhile to work out the scheduling, but it’s full steam ahead now.  I will admit, it’s not easy teaching an art class, especially to teenagers; where they have so much going on in their lives and their homies are nearby, the ones they’ll follow anywhere; and it’s cool to seem like they don’t care about much.  It can be a little disenchanting sometimes when you see boredom in their eyes, but then you get started on an activity, and their whole attitude sparks up and you remember what you’re there for.  It’s an awesome feeling.  I remember one of the kids asking: ‘You can take pictures with this?’, holding a vintage 35mm I found at a thrift store years ago.  Yep.  ‘How do I take a picture?’ ‘You advance the lever–’ ‘Whats a lever?’ ‘That thing right there– then you hit the shutter button...right there.’ ‘Ohhh.’  Ah, the fruits of teaching art.

Students watching a film on Jean Michel Basquiat.  

The Tiny Structure has been put on hold temporarily, which is a shame given the weather has been so nice in between the rainy days.  We did get the roof mostly done since the last blog post.  It turned out looking bigger from the outside than we expected.

We finally added a product to the shop, yay!  That took forever.  It’s only two products, but we’ll get more on there.  We’re actually working on some ideas for t-shirts, stickers and buttons, so look forward to that.

HackeySack.  Digital.  Macro Image by Doree. 2016.

I hope you’ve noticed that there’s a show tonight at Nelligan Hall.  Otis Junior and a few musicians will be performing for his EP release.  Come chill with us, it’s $5 for the show.  It’s gonna be sweet; proceeds go to the artists.

Please stay tuned for more updates about DORK on this blog.  We also share new DORK news, articles and art we find interesting on our Facebook page and Twitter account.  If you like music, we make mixtapes on our Mixcloud show DAFM.  The next upcoming mixtape: 2008.


BTW, I’d like to come out of my turtle shell.  I’m going to start writing blog posts as myself instead of the general DORK.  I write majority of the blog posts, and I feel I get more across as myself than speaking for the both of us.  Mark is really busy working, doing art and being the more social-business-butterfly of the two of us.  Don’t worry, we’ll address who wrote the post at the end so it doesn’t get confusing.

Tight, thanks for reading ya’ll.


With Love