Arts. Greater. Ending.

It's been in the making for awhile now, but we've finally formed the basis of a new art curriculum– supporting the young individuals in Louisville who have been forced out of community centers, with little in the form of learnt skills to maintain a legitimate source of income.  We present A.G.E (Arts Greater Ending).  We ask, what's your endgame?

At the age of 18, many young people in lower income neighborhoods are forced out of the community centers they have been participating in for so many years.  What skills have they learned in this amount of time to help them seek opportunities, and to participate as competitors in the city's economy?  Sadly, not many useful skills have been taught.

A.G.E is an endgame for young individuals who have been forgotten in society, and often choose violence or illegal means to survive.  Using fine art as a means to provide youth with alternatives, we believe this is a very important movement for sustaining a group of youth that are very much apart of our society, which we should not and cannot afford to forget.

This is not an easy task, but we have help, and would love anymore help from anyone willing.  

To learn more about the program, which will be a part of DORK's Social Club, click here.


With Love,