Thunder A.G.E


Last Saturday was Thunder Over Louisville; a massive event in the city where millions of dollars are spent on fireworks, and probably millions are made among businesses, all in one day.  Its a beautiful sightpeople roll in from everywhere, literally, they come from different states even, and head towards the waterfront park.  BBQs are smoking everywhere, music is playing; its a giant block party.  And then the fireworks light up the sky when the sun goes down, and it's magical.  Hearts and stars; swirly purple sparks in such an abundance it shakes the earth.  And then the traffic...but that's another story.

Of course, we had to do something for this local holiday; we decided this would be the perfect time to get the word outat least as much as possible— about the A.G.E curriculum we would love to get funded.  We set up a booth for the program, full of some of our art; affordable goods and fine art pieces.  We also passed out flyers to any who would take them.  


We sold a few items, which was awesome.  We've stashed that amount away and labeled it A.G.E Fund.  Thank you to those who contributed!

We'll be heading out again this weekend with our art and flyers in tow.  Stay Tuned!

For more info on DORK's A.G.E visit the DORK Social Club page.


With Love,

Doree x DORK