DORK Dollar Store


I’m writing this while sitting in an art room at a local community center, watching youth create plaster masks.  This place where I spend a few days out of the week; a place where Mark spends 5 days out of the weeka gift really.  

We’re surrounded by young creators, aspiring athletes, and some very smart individuals (even if they refuse to admit it).  It’s an inspiring place (even if the workers can no longer see it); you’re emerged in the ideas of the generation soon to blossom.  You can see the spaces where change and compassion could grow, and where some new ideas could definitely be used—it encourages you to do something positive.

Spring: the time for new innovations and cleaning up old ideas, right?  We mentioned a new project we wish to start called the A.G.E Curriculum, essentially a program for young people who have been removed from community centersgiving them an opportunity to be entrepreneurs in art.  It’s a big task, so we’ve started the DORK Dollar Store on our shop page to help kick-start some fundage.

We’ll be making small, affordable products by hand.  All the proceeds will go towards the curriculum (click here).  What’s not to love about affordable knick knacks that support a greater good??  Awesome.


We’re artists and would love to share what we’ve learned over the years to others, especially those who have the drive to become something positive in the community.  How could we make this happen: let's put our skills to use so that people, who vibe with our idea, can easily support and become a part of it.

A.G.E and the DORK Dollar Store is our mega Spring project.  We’re still open for shows at our location at 2010 Portland Avenue, and will continue to have musical performances throughout the next couple of months.


If you would like to contribute in any way, please send us an email:


With Love,

Doree x DORK