Video: Teaching The Photography Class


The photo project we’re teaching at the Neighborhood House (in Louisville) is still going, here’s a short video of what we’ve been up to in the class:

We’re almost to the finish line for the pinhole cameras.  They’ve made their cameras from scratch with Altoids cans, and loaded them with film and photosensitive paper.  At first we tried the film, and sadly, those didn’t turn out.  That will happen as a beginning photographer, sometimes your images don’t turn out as you'd like.  It’s difficult to tell young kids that their image didn’t show the first time, but they’re eager to try it again.

The next time, during last week’s class at the DORK studio in Portland, we used torn pieces of photo sensitive paper and placed them inside the cameras.  We got results!  I’ll post images of the results next time ;)

We’ll ask the girls in class this week:  would they rather keep trying paper pinhole images, or try something new?  I’d be awesome to give them an intro to one of my favorite mediums of alternative/traditional photography: Cyanotypes.

In case you’ve missed our previous blog posts about the class: this is a course proposed by us to the Kentucky Foundation for Women, who supplied a grant to educate young women in Portland on some of the more traditional photography techniques.

Keep checking back for info on the photo project and more!


With Love,

Doree x DORK