Video: Teaser #3


Here’s another teaser of some upcoming news, which we’ve been waiting so impatiently to announce.  Unfortunately, we’re still not ready to share the big news, but soon...very soon.

See the other teasers on our Youtube Channel:


Now seems like a good time to explain: all the projects we were doing have been put slightly on hold.  The tattoo flash videos, DAFM, the Patreon page, even the A.G.E Curriculum have been paused temporarily.  This is only because we’re making moves, and have been working very hard for the past month.  

We’ll resume, and incorporate, most of what we were doing into the new after opening day.


We’re so looking forward to moving onward with the new stuff and seeing where it takes DORK.  Hopefully, you’ll decide to witness and participate in it all!


With Love,

Doree x DORK