A Dork's Lesson In Patience


This blog post isn’t lessons to be found in a book with tips or quotes written by a god-like religious figure from forever ago.  We’d like to share a lesson learned from the life of DORK; a couple of visual artists, learning as we go and getting comfortable with the fact that we actually do have a business, and would love to see it grow.


Dorks don’t jump into anything without knowing about it first.  Then again, with a fierce determination to become masters in it, Dorks jump into everything knowing little about it.  We jumped into DORK eagerly, thinking it will be our boat to a comfortable and rewarding life.  Then we saw it for what it really is, a boat for others to feel comfortable and embrace their lives, even if in a small way.  A dork should jump into everything not knowing anything, because dorks figure it outwe learn to swim where there is no water.  If this makes any sense at all, then you’re a dork in our eyes.


Learning to embrace DORK takes many lessons; lessons in patience, hard work, and remembering that it’s best to just do it.  Sounds like training to be a ninja, and it is kind of like that!  Except you’re your own master, and no one is going to tell you that what you’re doing is heading in the wrong direction, it just goes wrong.  The important thing we like to remember is that there is no wrong or bad, everything that happens, happens so that something good can take place.


That’s where learning to have patience comes into effect.  What you’re working on at this very moment might not be immediately seen as ‘wrong’, then further down the line it’ll be replaced with something more positive; or what you’re working on might take forever to be seen and appreciated, but like some sort of dorky ninja, you’re sitting in the shadows eating old pizza, and patiently waiting to strike.  We know the feeling.


Like fat lil’ ninjas, we’re waiting to strike the art and social entrepreneurial scene here.  We’ve been so fortunate to have like minded friends and families that see the vision, and possibly even more than we actually see it.  The trust and love is very real, and we feel it, team.  Thanks for pushing us forward, and reminding us to just go for it.  And that whatever happens is just a lesson for the next step.


As usual, stay tuned, as we explore a new chapter for DORK.





With Love,

Doree x DORK