Hello, DORK Space Number 3


First of all, it’s amazing what you can accomplish by putting your mind to something, and seldom believing that your goal is impossible.  Because it’s not.  We look around us and we see people that have chosen to stay where they are, they’re comfortable with their livesmaybe they think that what they really want to do is impossible, and they’ve chosen not to change, or learn anything new, in who knows how many years.  To me, that is unthinkablethat is unbelievable.

We have gotten where we are by always trying, and never believing that anything is impossible.  Sure, we have doubts sometimes, but we always go back to that same stroke of imagination, and we figure out how to make it possible.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not experts in anythingwe are not pros, or claiming to be miracle workers, we’re just genuinely aware of the path we’re making and all its hills and potholes.  This doesn’t make us special, I like to think everyone can do the same, if they truly put their minds towards doing what they want to do.

For us, DORK is a vessel that houses all our creative adventures, it’s something we truly want to do.  For this vessel to float on, we have to make sacrifices and we have to never become stagnant, (which is tricky, because there’s a difference between becoming stagnant and patiently learning).  With that in mind, we’ve made decisions that we hope will push us in a new direction.  And whoa, what a task it’s been.


DORK Space #3 - Tattoooos


If you’ve been with us all along, you probably know the story, but allow me to summarize anyway:  In about two years time, we have housed DORK in three different locations, each one dramatically different than the last.  One in Memphis TN and the last two in Louisville KY.  We started off doing free shows in a shack on Madison Avenue.  At first it was just our art studio, and in our minds at the time, it would become a tattoo shop called Heka House.  It didn’t work outthe place was a little too charmingbut we teamed up with a growing record label called Rarennudes (easily one of my favorite group of crazy-talented musicians, yes this is a shout out for you guys to collaborate with us here in Louisville), who threw some of the dopest shows in Memphis, and drew crowds that turned our little shack out completely.

We stuck with music shows even after we moved to Louisville, finding a historic location with a deep history in musical performances.  The location was cool, but something wasn’t clicking, it didn’t have that DORK vibe we had in Memphis.  The shack in Memphis was ours, where we were able to build our brand and slowly create an image, and actually collaborate with other artists.  At this new-old space, we couldn’t do that.  It already had its own history, that many people couldn’t see any other way.  All a sudden, charging for musicians to perform became more of a hassle than it was fun, not to mention we had very strong competition, who’ve been in the business for eons.  We had some awesome shows, but in the end, this huge, beautifully old location wasn’t DORK.

DORK #3 - in the constantly growing Downtown.

DORK #3 - in the constantly growing Downtown.

A couple months ago, we stumbled onto a location like we stumbled onto the shack in Memphis.  In our minds: this is the spot!  It took us two years, but we’ve finally found a location for a dope tattoo shopour goal from the start.  In that two years time, we’ve learned so much, and have grown attached to our lives in teaching art, that we couldn’t settle for a space that wouldn’t be able to house everything we’ve done in the past.  How could we drop music shows and fine art classes?  We can’t!  Our hearts couldn’t take it.  This new location will have to do all that we’ve done before, it’ll be a tight fit, but we like it like that.  (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

You’re probably wondering why we’re always bringing up our history, and why we talk about Memphis so much, simply because it’s important to remember your past and where you come from.  That’s how you move forward, and grow with those who helped you grow.

On the flip side, we have released our leases to the previous locations, it hurt us extremely, but we felt we can’t move forward with weights on our feet.  We can’t put our all into this location with financial baggage from past endeavors.  So now, our one and only DORK space is currently in downtown Louisville.  But we’ll always remember, and celebrate our past spaces like veterans on Memorial Day.

A work in progress, almost there...

A work in progress, almost there...

All this being said, we look forward to the opening day of the shop, it’s been about three-four months in the making.  We will surely let you know of our plans, and when the shop is officially open for business.  

We wholeheartedly invite everyone to come visit us; throw a show; display some art work; get a tattoo; sign up for a future art class (something we’re excited to offer soon), or to just say hey.


With Love,

Doree x DORK