Progress Is a Process

Whoo~ Is it me or is it hot in here?  I can see the sweat on people.  We hope everyone has been having an awesome, not-so-hot Summer.  Hey, drink some water!

And share some A/C with us this month during DORK Tattoo Parlour’s art show:  Progress Is a Process.  This includes (but not limited to) work from artists that create using process based means, or anyone who’s artwork symbolizes the fruits of progress.  The show will be featuring artwork from local artists, DORK Tattoo Parlour artists and members.

We’re still accepting submittals!  Send us an email:, or feel free to come by during the business hours: 4 PM - 8 PM, Monday - Saturday.  We’d love to check out your work, send us some pictures if you’d like!

AUGUST 12th - 6PM


Be safe, guys, and stay cool!


With Love,

Doree x DORK