Contribute to Peace - Get a Tattoo

We’re contributing to non-violence in Louisville with small tattoos!  We’ve made flash to compliment peace activism in the city (and across all cities).  Get a tattoo for $50 and under at DORK Tattoo Parlour (423 W Chestnut St).  Show everyone that you care and want to see the violence end.

In Louisville alone, there have been 47 murders and over 200 shootings in 2016.  According to WDRB, six of the murders were under 10 years old and more than half under 30.  Not only in Louisville, young people all over the country are losing their lives too early!  

We’ve teamed up with street non-violence organizations No More Red Dots and Pivot to Peace ( ) to come up with a way to promote a safer city.  We’re also participating in Pivot to Peace’s collaboration with University of Louisville Hospital by assisting with victims of violence.  Essentially, we’ve been de-escalating issues in the Emergency Room of U of L Hospital by supporting families who are confused, angry or scared after hearing their loved one(s) have been hurt.

There is much to be done around the nation, this has been the worst year in a long time for domestic violence and homicides in America.  The best we can do is to promote/ participate in non-violence in our neighborhoods and cities.


If you have any questions on getting a tattoo:


Call:  (502) 203-1471



Be Safe,

Doree x DORK