The DORK Mission


Have you visited our website, or overheard the name DORK, but you're still confused on what DORK is, or what we do?  To be honest, we’ve been figuring that out as we go, but over time there's been a few recurring elements that just seem to fit.  It’s our lifestyle that makes DORK what it is, and we can’t be anything but honest to ourselves and those around us.  So, here goes...


DORK is:

To be a platform for cultural and creative development–supporting and celebrating the innovative independence of all varieties of artists.

We do a lot of stuff.  We like music, art, tattoos, humanities, knowledge, horticulture, etc.  We try to incorporate as much as we can into DORK, all the while striving to support other creative minds who vibe well with, or contribute, to the mission.


DORK Tattoo Parlour creates quality tattoos with an innovative twist.  We work with customers to reach beyond their expectations and produce professional results.  We do not discriminate against or offend our customers–they are our number one priority.

DORK has a tattoo shop.  As a business, DORK existed before the tattoo shop came into reality.  The shop is a platform for cultural and creative development.  It was extremely important for us to find a space that was big enough to do quite a bit of stuff in it.  It’s  not only a space for tattoos, but art; music; a meeting ground for sharing knowledge, and in the future, much, much more.

We’re in Kentucky, let’s be honest, some tattoo shops are not the friendliest towards people with brown skin.  We strive to be unique.  We are a shop of diversity, with love for everybody – meaning you will find no discrimination from us, or in our shop.  We try very hard to satisfy our customers tattoo needs the best that we can.


Now You Know

We hope this helps you a little more in understanding what DORK is and what we’re about.  This mission dictates how we move into the future and what we’re doing now.

If you would like to join the team, send us an email at, or follow us on social media:

With Love,

Doree x DORK