Hey, you creative individual, you....

You're getting kidnapped

We’re killing your old life and molding you into a dork.  Succumb to the forces of creativity.

  • Pick up your pencil and draw till your fingers are numb;

  • learn secret secrets;

  • promote yourself as a professional artist;

  • take your life by the horns, and pay your rent (or future rent);

  • Get free candy and coffee~

Become a Tattoo Artist

If you have one or more of the following, you have the potential young grasshopper.

  • you like to draw

  • you like the people with tattoos

  • you have tattoos

  • regular life bores you, or isn’t available to you

  • you drink coffee and like music.  


We want to train you in the ways of tattooing~


Here’s a brief history of us

Our names are Mark and Doree.  We have a tattoo shop called DORK Tattoo Parlour (423 W Chestnut St).  Between the both of us, we have been tattooing for 12 years.  We started off in Memphis, Tennessee.  We graduated from art school and are looking for other artists.  DORK is a platform for cultural and creative development–supporting and celebrating the innovative independence of all varieties of artists.

DORK Tattoo Parlour is a creative space that offers a unique twist to the usual.  Knowing the history of the state we are in, it's important that you know: we do not discriminate towards anyone's skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, hairstyle, or whatever.  It’s 2016, ya’ll, ain’t nobody got time for that.  This is a creative space.


What you want from us

As a person giving their heart to the world of DORK, you might demand a few things, which is understandable.  You might demand:


An Apprenticeship, duh.  

A Space to Create

The Skills to Pay the Bills

A License to Tattoo

Learn New Artistic Skills

Promotion on the DORK website and Social Media


What we want from you

The devotion is mutual.  As we provide your apprenticeship with everything that an apprenticeship entails (but better), we expect you to return the favor with...complete dedication.  Even if you don’t consider yourself the best, there’s always room to learn, but you’re going to need to want to.  We want your:

  • Motivation to learn, promote, and practice everyday.

  • Patience in order to grasp what you need to tattoo professionally.

  • Confidence in yourself.  You have to believe in yourself.  This may not exist when you get here, but you’re going to need the ability to.

  • Hunger  You have to want this.  Let's not waste your time, or ours, if you don’t want to do this as a career.  Otherwise, your apprenticeship is going to take forever, or not at all.


Become a self made artist, using learned skills to earn income.


This is so much more than tattooing.  This is learning how to handle your business; how to promote yourself; how to draw and paint better; how to properly converse with other human beings; how to take care of your space; and how to manage your time effectively...

If being kidnapped sounds interesting to you, or if you’ve been thinking about an apprenticeship for a while, don’t be afraid to contact us!


Email us a portfolio of your artwork: contact@dork.space

Come into the shop, bring a portfolio!  423 W Chestnut Street 40202

Call anytime between 1pm-1am: (502) 526-6408


*No kidnapping occurred during the making of this blog post*


With Love,