Happy Halloween! The DORK Skull...Where Did It Come From?

It's a perfect time to talk about skulls.  You ever notice the skull on the door of the shop, or on this website?  There's a reason this is our logo, and we'd like to share it with you.  We promise it's nothing creepy~


Like most small businesses, DORK was created humbly.  We didn't know where we wanted to go with the business (formly known as The Dormark), but we landed on a mutual agreement: we knew we wanted to be a creative business and work with other artistic people.  It was going to be risky to leave everything we had accomplished (though that wasn't too much at the time), and start over, leaving all crippling fears behind.

The DORK skull came from stomping this fear out.  Leaving what we were comfortable with, and having no Plan B.  It's a very scary thing, but it doesn't always have to be.  Which is why our cartoony representation was perfect.  We took the symbolism of the skull and applied it to our situation.  As you probably know, skulls are typically associated with life, death and mortality—it and its meanings will proabably never be outdated, because of its repetition in pop culture and folk tales (Halloween), not to mention our constant reminder just by living.

The name, DORK, was a creative way to combine both our names together, but it also meant more than that.  It was a release from the fear of being considered something 'negative'.  There was something empowering in promoting negative ideas as things to not be afraid of, such as being a dork, or the definition of a skull, or conquering fear.  It's an exercise in positivity by just being who we are.  

To sum up this probably really confusing post:  DORK is all about having no fear, and being who you are. 

Every once in awhile people tell us they came to our shop because they resonated with the name and the visuals.  They felt it to be more comfortable than any other place.  This means so much to us, seeing as in a world that is breeding fear and harboring negative thoughts, it makes us feel very fortunate that we can provide a creative space that individuals can feel comfortable in.


So, Halloween is upon us.  Whats your favorite spooky symbol, and could it actually be something we shouldn't fear?



With Love,

Doree x DORK