Super Smash Bros. Party + Tournament

Come kick it with us this Friday and Saturday.  We're playing a marathon of Super Smash Bros. from 5-10pm.  


Entry is $10 for gamers without a controller, or $5 for gamers with a controller.  Or if you don't like video games and just want a tattoo, come on in!  The tournament takes place at the end of the night on Saturday.  We're taking sign-ups for the tournament all day that day, so get in while you can!  The tournament lasts for one month, at the end of the month whoever has held 1st place the longest gets a super prize.  

We're announcing winners weekly at the end of the night on Saturdays:

First place:  DORK T-shirt and tattoo voucher of $100
Second place: DORK T-Shirt and tattoo voucher of $50
Third place: DORK T-Shirt and congratulations

For those interested, we're playing stock games only.  There will be snacks and drinks provided.  *Your entry fee goes towards new renovations for tattoo booths at the shop, and a nice flashy sign for the front of our shop!

Hope to see you there!  Who're are you going to play as?

With Love,
Doree x DORK