What's Next

Long time no read, friend.  Here’s a quick update to what we’ve been doing lately...


Tattooooo Conventiooooon!

The 6th Annual Louisville Tattoo Arts Convention is this April on the 28th through the 30th.  We’re very excited to be in our first tattoo convention as DORK Tattoo Parlor.  We hope to branch out in the future and travel to other awesome conventions.  Come by our booth this month!


Community Work

As much as we love running a tattoo shop, we understand that we have a role to play in our community as small business owners.  We were happy to spend some time at the Neighborhood House this Spring Break to teach the kids about tattoos and discuss entrepreneurship.  We’re super glad that the Neighborhood House chose us to participate this year in the arts at the community center.  As always, we had a ton of fun and were glad to see the kids again.


They designed tattoo cookies, and temporary tattoos!

Collaborating and Future Web Series

We’ve been collaborating with the peace movement, No More Red Dots, since coming to Louisville.  We appreciate that they’ve chosen us to help run the artistic aspects of the movement, and look forward to creating a web series documenting the actions towards preventing violence in the city.  As well as creating an overall online presence for the movement.  More info to come as we work hand in hand with NMRD! (www.nmrd.info)


Beefing Up Our Own Web Presence

As we document NMRD, we’ll be documenting the tattoo shop as well.  Showing you better pictures and (hopefully) making our Youtube channel more interactive.  Take a sneak peek into our lives!



As usual we’ll keep you posted on our endeavors.  Feel free to share yours with us!


With Love,

Doree x DORK