Relic Studios and the Death of Corny Life Tips

I suck at life...and coming up with band names.  I've realized this.  I made a whole list of random two word band names and sent them to a friend not too long ago, two of which were: Astro Jalapenos and Soul Symbols.  

I suck at general social life and grown up activities, like paying bills, keeping up with Facebook and maintaining conversations.  I laugh when I don't know what to say, and my shoulders go up awkwardly when I feel defensive.  But what I don't suck at is making a process out of everything, and turning it into something that can influence my livelyhood.

Like the raspy voiced dog from that Adventure Time cartoon - 'sucking at something is the first step to not sucking (at something).'  I'm embracing the things I think I fail at and reminding myself that stepping outside my comfort zone is okay...ocassionally.  To attempt to try new things, and take a risk every once in awhile is deffinately a positive.

We might as well add staying in one place to the list of positive things I suck at.  I'm currently working on a private studio project with my business partner, Mark.  It's going to be very chill, very ellusive and very artsy, with ample space to pursue all the artistic things we do.  Not long ago we got our toes wet in the tattoo scene of Louisville, and haven't looked back since.  The only place to go from that decision in 2015/2016 is onward and upward. 


There are three things we know for sure now: we love making things, we love tattoos, and we love creating spaces.  If we can see our peers grow too, then its even better!

I feel like I've been writing similar blog posts for 3 years now (building on this thesis), which doesn't hurt, because there's always somebody that hasn't heard it yet (possibly you!?).  Maybe it's time to change the structure of informing our lovely followers and reaching out to our clientele. 

Here's a snippet of Relic Studios:

An unimpeded appreciation for the arts.  An appreciation for tattoo art, and in general - the process of creating.  Relic Studios is a private studio located on the cusp of Portland in Louisville.  Easily found on Main Street.  A comfortable location to get tattooed, with open space and a chill atmosphere.
We are two artists who tattoo professionally.  We built a tattoo shop at 423 West Chestnut Street, called DORK Tattoo Parlor in 2016.  We strived to fill this shop with talented, respectable individuals that we admire deeply.  

If you haven't seen it yet, we just joined Patreon as DORK Tattoos Parlor.  Help us fund our original-all-natural tattoo aftercare, made by hand here in Louisville at one of our locations.

You can always support us in other ways as well, by following us on social media, or coming into the shop!

Stay tuned for the official Relic Studios website~

With Love,
Doree x DORK