Shop Family - Ink, Machines and Ideas

There’s nothing more important to the survival of a tattoo shop than a like-minded and passionate tattoo family.  


DORK Tattoo Parlor has been around for 1 year now!  We’ve seen some talented individuals come and go at the shop, but for the most part, we’ve had the same crew since the beginning.  We're a small group, and despite our differences, we all love the tattoo world and the art of tattooing.  Let us introduce you to our young, multitalented family and some of their favorite materials to work with.  


Firstly, Norman is our hardworking and sociable Manager (where would we be without you~). He’s an awesome person that can pretty much make a friend of anyone.  He’s also a very talented photographer.  Find him and his work on Instagram: @masterbatez



It’s going to be a sad day if he soars away from us with his ambition and talent!  But we'll support him and be super proud.



Darien has been at the shop since the first couple of months we opened.  She was an apprentice then, and has grown so fast in tattooing.  We have no doubt, her persistance in doing artwork and learning more in tattooing will get her very far.  We’re just happy to have the space for her to do her thing in!  Find her work on Instagram: @delirium.the.endless


Whats your prefered Ink?
    "Eternal, super pigmented and great color selection.  Fave colors: grass green, sakura pink,      solid gold."

What machines have you been working with or perfer?
    "Workhorse Irons. Coil machines."

Your favorite style to tattoo?
    "Traditional and dotwork."

Sneak peek at Darien's current set up

Sneak peek at Darien's current set up

Flash off of her wall, available to be tattooed

Flash off of her wall, available to be tattooed



If anyone asks us for traditional tattoos in Louisville, we say Zach.  Definitely the most hard working tattoo artist in the shop.  There’s hardly a day when this dude isn’t tattooing.  Find his work on Instagram: @zgavintattooer


Whats your perfered Ink?
    "Eternal, and Bloodline."

What machines have you been working with or prefer?
    "Ancient Irons, Dan Kubin, and Rich Helton.  Needles and tubes: Monster Point."

Your favorite style to tattoo?
    "Blackwork, traditional/classic tattoos, geometric/mandala work, or neo-traditional."

Zach's available flash

Zach's available flash


And of course, you can see Mark and Doree’s work on their respective Instagrams: @wadoree and @markxcastle

Or at


It’s a pleasure to work with the shop, and witnessing the growth everyone is making.  Including the apprentice, Dorian (keep working, kid!).


If you’d like to speak to any of the artists in person, or schedule an appointment stop by the shop at 423 West Chestnut Street.  

Or give us a call at (502) 915-7768.


We hope to see you on August 21st for the art show!  Flyer and more information to come!~ 


With Love,
Doree x DORK