FAQ - Top 12 Questions

We understand that getting a tattoo can be very important.  You'd like to know all the answers to your questions before committing to something permanent, right?  Maybe you'd like to know more about our shop.  We get a lot of similar questions, so we'll try to answer all the recent ones below. 


Do we do piercings?

No.  We do not currently have a piercer. 


Do we take walk-ins, or appointments?

Both.  We take walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis.  Artists at the shop may be working with an appointment, but more than likely someone will be availible to take care of you.  Come by the shop!


Do we have a shop minimum?

No.  Every artist charges differently for their tattoos.  But we are happy to work with your budget.  


Are we open on Sundays?  What are your hours?

Nope, we are not open on Sundays.  We are open 2pm-12am everyday, except Sunday and Wednesday.  


Do you do coverups?

Yes.  Tell us what we'll be working with, and we'd be happy to cover-up your old tattoo.


Can I set an appointment over the phone?

Not over the phone, no. Appointments are not official without a deposit.  You have to come into the shop, or visit our appointment page to place a deposit.


What should I use on my tattoo?

Our all natural aftercare, or Aquaphor.  We'd recommend putting something simple and effective on your tattoo, like our Collectors Care.  Our aftercare has ingredients that heal, sooth and moisturize the skin after getting tattooed.  Commercial brands have a petroleum base and other mystery ingredients.  If you must get a big store brand, get Aquaphor, its least likely to harm the tattoo.  For more instructions on taking care of your tattoo, visit our Aftercare page.


How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

At least 18 years old.  Here in Louisville, you can be 16 at the youngest with guardian consent.  Consent has to be proof of guardianship with a signature.  


Are touch-ups free?

It depends on the artist.  Most touchups are free if it's something small.  If it's a repeated 'touch-up' it may no longer be free.


What's the most sensitive part of the body to get tattooed?

Depends on the persons pain tolerance, but typically ribs; the ditch of the arm; elbows; sometimes chest and feet.  Personally, ankles are painful to get tattooed, but that's just me.


Whats the most awkward tattoo you've ever done?

We've done a variety of tattoos at the shop, and artists have lots of experience previous to working at DORK Tattoo Parlor.  You'd have to talk to the artists to hear their crazy war stories!


Will my tattoo last on _______ part of my body?

The places where tattoos are least likely to last are: bottoms of feet; palms of hands; inside of fingers; sometimes elbows and knees; and inside the mouth.  You also have to take into consideration if you're taking care of your tattoo properly, if you're in the sun alot, and if your tattoo artist is a professional.


Is there something we're missing?  Let us know what you'd like us to answer.