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Learning Old Lessons - The Power of DIY

The DIY phenomenon itself isn't new, its a reinvention.  It's a lifestyle that takes years to craft, eventually incorporating it into every aspect of your life, Doing It Yourself is a rewarding adventure.

"It's a different way of thinking.  People who make things with their own hands have to 'think outside the box'.  When you really wonder why, you start to remember that this is what hands and brains were made for. "


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We're in the Portland Anchor

Earlier this month, we (DORK) worked with local Portland committee, Picking Up Portland (PUP) in Louisville, KY.  Mark collaborated with PUP on an art project for the community.  He guided  children from the Youth Program at the Neighborhood House, painting vegetables, fruits and a sign for the Louisville funded neighborhood garden.  The paintings were hung on the fence outside of Shippingport Memorial Garden.

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