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Video: Ships Release - Otis Junior

April 1st was a beautiful night.  It confirmed to us what we're doing, and that we should definitely keep doing what we're doing.  Otis Junior's endless love for his friends, family, and even the strangers that attended the show, was very (very) inspiring.  People cheered and whooped:


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Last Weekend - Sloe Pink Show

Last weekend, DORK space on 2010 Portland Avenue, Louisville KY, welcomed some awesome artists: Otis Junior, Dave., WGTR$ and Sloe Pink with Beacons.  The show was hosted by Sloe Pink for his soon to be released EP.  We were excited to have these talented musicians at the space, and hopefully we can do more in the future!

Here's a 16-20 min video summing up the night:

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The Luke Taylor Show - 12/2015

On December 29th, the show for Luke Taylor happened and was an awesome success.  The building was packed with 100+ people rocking out to locally popular bands in Louisville: Vaderbomb, White Reaper, Xerxes, Damaged Goods, The New Mexico, Street Rat and more.

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