In 2016…

When we started DORK Tattoo Parlor, we had brought our very small DORK, llc over from Memphis, TN a few years prior. We knew we wanted to start something new and unique here in Louisville and it had to involve tattooing.

Our tattoo shop couldn’t, and wouldn’t, be exclusive to anyone. We had to be real artists, making custom work that our clients cherished and valued as something unique to only them. With respect to each client, we had to treat every one of their tattoos as an opportunity to do something awesome.

Since opening the shop, we’ve achieved and held on to these core principles and continue to grow with them. This is why we believe we’re rare among all other shops in Louisville, KY.

We thank you for looking into DORK Tattoo Parlor and hope you join us through this journey.

With Love,

Doree & Mark