Our number one priority is doing high quality tattoos, with awesome customer service.  You should always research artists and shops before getting a tattoo.  Here is where you learn how we tattoo.

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Tattoo Aftercare

Taking care of your skin after a new tattoo is a critical moment in the healing process.  This can affect how your tattoo will heal and look in the long term.

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Screen-printing, Graphic Design, 

Tattoo-safe Cosmetics, and...


At our shop we have strong backgrounds in art and produce products by screen-printing, designing, and creating with our hands.  We make a little bit of everything, including screen-printing and designing DORK t-shirts, knitted goods, natural cosmetics, and more.

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Community Efforts

We've realized that in order to better help our community, we have to take action.  As a small business, we have a resume of community involvement, and would love to do more.

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