Collectors Care - Balm - Hemp and Chamomile

Collectors Care - Balm - Hemp and Chamomile

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An all natural moisturizer for your new or old tattoo.  Using only ingredients that are mild and safe for the skin.  Forget about the mystery contents of petroleum jelly.  Collectors Care uses no petroleum components, and has no artificial "fragrances".



Each batch is made by the hands of tattoo artists, and DORK Tattoo Parlor owners: Doree and Mark.  We use a minimal amount of ingredients to ensure a mild product that can be used by all skin types.  Each ingredient is chosen because of its healing properties.


  • Carrier: Unrefined, Organic Shea Butter
  • Rich in vitamins, and provides natural UV protection; moisturizes; reduces inflammation.


  • Chamomile Infused, Local Organic Hemp Oil 
  • Hempseed Oil does not contain THC.  It contains Omega Fatty-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that maintain healthy cells; Moisturizes dry and itchy skin; reduces inflammation; and contains antioxidants which some believe to slow aging symptoms in skin.  Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb that is least likely to cause any allergic reactions. 
  •  *Do not use if you're allergic to the Asteraceae plant family, such as: celery, ragwort, daisy, calendula, or chrysanthemum plants.*


  • Beeswax, or Carnauba Wax (Vegan)
  • Cera Alba, or beeswax, creates a protective skin barrier, while holding in moisture, it doesn't suffocate skin or clog pores; contains Vitamin A, which rejuvenates skin; smells good; prevents dry and itchy skin.  Carnauba Wax is used as a vegan alternative; it is hypoallergenic and has great emollient properties, meaning it keeps skin protected and moisturized.


  • 100% Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Reduces inflammation; speeds healing; anti-bacterial; antimicrobial; antiseptic; and relieves itchy-ness or burning. 



Collectors Care was created with tattoo aftercare in mind.  But the good thing about this balm is that there is no limit to how much you can apply.  Use as many times as needed!  Feel free to use Collectors Care on lips, or on any dry problematic areas of the skin.

Collectors Care starts off as a paste or gel (depending on vegan or non-vegan ingredients), and melts quickly to easily cover the skin.


*Texture of ointment may vary depending on vegan or non-vegan ingredients.  Beeswax and Carnauba Wax are very different in this way.  Vegan products may be slightly thicker or harder.*

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