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Community Efforts

DORK has worked with community center, The Neighborhood House, from the Summer of 2015 untill Early 2017, teaching fundamental screen-printing techniques, pinhole photography, traditional still life drawing, painting, and the basics in logo design. 

We have recently branched out into owning and running a tattoo parlor on 423 West Chestnut Street in Louisville, KY.  This location has housed many opportunities for us.  Not only do we get to supply awesome tattoos for our clients, but we've gotten the chance to provide space for artists, and collaborate with local peace advocates, No More Red Dots.  We see strong connections between mediums of fine art, tattoos and community efforts and would like to build on them as a way of further enriching the surrounding area.

creating pinhole camera, Neighborhood House, 2016

creating pinhole camera, Neighborhood House, 2016

experimenting and creating screen-printed t-shirts, Neighborhood House, 2015

experimenting and creating screen-printed t-shirts, Neighborhood House, 2015

designing temporary tattoo, Neighborhood House, 2017

designing temporary tattoo, Neighborhood House, 2017


Peace Education Program - De-Escalation

Since the Summer of 2015, we've been working with Peace Education in the Pivot to Peace program.  This included meeting and de-escalating situations within hospitals where many gun shot victims are devastated, confused, or fustrated.  Homicides in the city have been increasing within the last 2 years, we saw where we could help, even if just a little.


No More Red Dots - Art/Design Department

At the same time, while assisting the Peace Education Program, we joined newly established, No More Red Dots, and provide a helping hand in initiating peace around the city.  NMRD commissions us for many artistic projects, including: screen-printing t-shirts for the peace team; design and marketing of the logo, website and Youtube channel; as well as various photos and video shoots of events and team members.  We continue to work with other artists to create connections between art and community efforts within Louisville, as well as documenting NMRD in the huge undertaking of providing Peace as an alternative.



We've accomplished a lot since opening our first tattoo shop in Louisville, and continue to strive for greater things for our community and those who work with us.

  • We'd love to provide art educational classes for those interested in commercial arts and fine art at ages 18 and up.  While working with the Neighborhood House, we noticed that not many young adults have opportunities outside of community centers once they've reached the age limit.  Art can be a viable alternative, as opposed to doing something detrimental. 
  • Public Art.  As another way to benefit the community as artists, we'd love to have the opportunity to provide more art within the city.  Art can be an inspiring medium when placed inside the public.

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