We are artists; designing custom tattoos in a comfortable and creative environment

At DORK Tattoo Parlor we strive to be the most unique and inviting tattoo shop around!  Whether it's your first tattoo or your fiftieth, we know that getting permanent art on the body is a very important undertaking.  It's our mission to show respect to each and every customer, while providing professional and original tattoos.

We tattoo in a clean and healthy environment.  With the understanding that, for many people, getting a tattoo can be a mental and emotional stress, we've created a shop that aims to reduce these anxieties with a colorful and open floor plan.  We combine this open and creative environment with years of tattooing experience and professional knowledge.


Mark Castle, @markxcastle

Mark Castle has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Memphis College of Art.  While in Memphis, he tattooed for 11 years at 2 shops, one of them being Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective.  Mark continues to keep ties with his tattoo roots, by guest spotting at Rook x Raven in Memphis.  After moving to Louisville, he co-opened his own shop with Doree Woods, and began participating in community organizations that assist gun violence victims.  Mark loves black and grey, neo-traditional style tattooing, but is fully comfortable and skilled with branching out into different genres.  In his spare time, he loves painting and crafting wallets from leather.

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Doree Woods, @w.doree and @wadoree

Doree Woods has a Bachelors Degree in Photography from Memphis, College of Art.  While in Memphis, she learned about tattooing from Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective; absorbing information and drawing profusely for 4 years.  After moving to Louisville, Doree became a tattoo artist and co-opened her own shop with Mark Castle.  She also began participating in community organizations that assist gun violence victims.  Her love for nature and spirituality has fueled her obsession with the versatility of neo-traditional style tattooing.  She also loves knitting, taking photos, and making music with her favorite guitar and cheap drum set.

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