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Art Life

We have always had a passion for art and creativity.  In a land of mountains we aim to climb, pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Art was only the first hill.  Our love for art takes on many different genres, among them are: screen-printing, painting, photography, knitting, leather working, illustrating, and designing.  We're always looking to expand our knowledge in the arts and to communicate further with other artists.

Our background in the arts was not always in Louisville, KY.  We started off in a 'shack' in Memphis, TN hosting crowded music shows, crafting handmade goods and painting on recycled, handmade canvas's.  All the while, learning more about the craft of tattooing from very skilled tattoo artists and shop owners.  We built our brand in that shack, along with friends and other creatives, who are still making major moves in Memphis, TN and beyond.


Handmade Goods

We're inspired by the ability to create with our hands.  We often think, how can we re-create something we frequently use, by hand.  We've made it our goal to create products that can be useful,  such as wallets, scarfs, hats, screen-printed t-shirts, tattoo aftercare, etc.  As artists with degrees in Fine Art, we love to implement traditional techniques in our work.  Whether it's painting with oils, drawing with graphite, or printing photos with traditional black and white chemicals, we are always experimenting with the combination of old ways and new ways



Since venturing into tattoo aftercare, we've also experimented and established recipes for tattoo safe cold process soaps, body butters and more.  For more information on taking care of your tattoo, click here.


Product Design

All of the labels and images on our products have been fully designed by us at DORK.  Using only up to date software such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom, and various programs for the equipment we use (embroidery and vinyl cutting software).  We also have fully designed our own website, as well as partners No More Red Dots website.

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Artistic Ambitions

We love working with other artists and communicating with creative minds.  We try our very best to maintain our space as a multimedia venue, with an open mind towards art shows and musical performances.  At DORK Tattoo Parlour we have hosted music shows with local art, and themed parties with tattoo specials.

Being an artist is far from a selfish career.  Art is something we should love to share and contribute to our local communities and beyond.  Since our beginning in Louisville, KY we have taught young creatives in community center, The Neighborhood House.  We've guided youth on how to express themselves and think outside the box, using various mediums, such as painting with inks and acrylics, drawing still life's with graphite, designing logos to screen-print on t-shirts, and creating pinhole cameras from repurposed Altoid cans.  This expanded their understanding of art beyond what they were provided at the time.

It's our goal to continue teaching classes to youth interested in the arts.  We will continue to plan and synthesize the means to hold educational courses in the arts within our walls, and ultimately our community. 

To commission us for any work, please email:  contact@dork.space